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After consulting with Master Ong's in 2017 for the work-related aspect, my career has been on the rise, things were completely different from before. Even after moving to a new establishment in 2020 and 2021, Master Ong's has continuously followed up and advice accordingly. He is upfront and honest about his sharing and always goes the extra mile. He is quick to reply and provides excellent Fengshui advice from my office to my residency place. 

Chen Zhongjian

Executive Senior Manager

Great Eastern Assurance Life Assurance Company Limited

Master Ong is very professional in Feng Shui. He was my Feng Shui consultant from my first HDB flats to my private properties. My career was smooth and my family was living in a very blessing environment.


Yoke Chiang

Residence from Oasis at Elias condo

I was out of jobs for a few months, after a friend introduces me to Master Ong, he had adjusted my home Feng Shui formation. I’d got a job within 2 months. Thank you, Master Ong.


Susan Ong

Residence from Sembawang

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