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Frequently Asked Questions


 01  Can Feng Shui change one's destiny  ?

The answer is "No". However, Fengshui can help you to enhance your luck to a certain percentage.This can be done in your house or in your office.




 02  Is a Feng Shui consultant/ Geomancer a medium ?

No, a Feng Shui consultant/Geomancer is not a medium. He/she is a a professional whom understand the Geomancy/ Feng Shui energy or so call the "Qi" and help to bring up the utmost potential.




 03  What does the service include?

The services include analyzing your home qi direction, coordinating with the renovator and auditing. We also do yearly audit (a separate package services) to check on your home.




 04  How long do I have to wait for the  Feng Shui formation result to                       take effect ?

There is no specific time , however, certain formation will take months and some will just take a few week for the result to take effect. Remember, Feng Shui formation cannot change one destiny, it can only help to enhance the luck.Some Geomancer/Feng Shui master will tell you that they will help you to  strike a lottery and be a millionaire, i can tell you this is just a gimmick.  


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